January 26, 2010

TEC Bishop Wants to Talk to Anglicans in Pittsburgh

The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh

January 20, 2010
(City, State, Zip)
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
You may be surprised to receive this letter from me, but please receive it in the same conciliatory spirit in which I am sending it.

Despite the events of the recent past, The Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Pittsburgh remains vibrant and united in Christ. To learn more about our mission, vision, values and actions, I encourage you to read the postings at our website, www.episcopalpgh.org.

I believe that much of the recent pain and turmoil in the Diocese of Pittsburgh has been caused by misunderstandings about The Episcopal Church. An important part of my ministry in Pittsburgh will be attempting to address these misunderstandings, which I believe is best done in face-to-face meetings.

While I acknowledge that your congregation is not actively participating in the life of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, and may well even regard your parish as belonging to a separate Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh, in our eyes, all parishes that were part of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh before the Convention of October 2008 remain part of our Diocese. I do not say that to provoke disagreement, but only to convey our perspective on the matter.

I know that before I became the Bishop of our Diocese, the Standing Committee expressed their desire that all congregations be invited to reconcile and return to active participation in The Episcopal Church. I share that desire and believe that in Christ, all things are possible. I would welcome the opportunity to meet you and to learn more about you and your hopes, desires and concerns for the future. If you have questions or criticisms of The Episcopal Church, this would provide me an opportunity to address them. If you are open to such a discussion, please let me know.

May God’s blessing be upon you as you seek to serve our one Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Bishop Kenneth Price
TEC Diocese of Pittsburgh

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