November 23, 2010

E100, Lesson Four: God's Covenant with Noah

Essential 100 Scripture Passages
Gen. 8.1—9.17, God’s Covenant with Noah

8.1 In Hebrew “remembering is not simply bringing to mind but actually taking action on behalf of Noah.

.2 The word for “wind” is the same word used in Genesis 1.2. Here, in chapter 8 we have a very intentional retelling of the Creation story. God separates the water from the ground, places birds in the air, animals were sent forth to multiply upon the earth, etc.

.3 The flood abates very gradually.

.4 The precise location of Mount Ararat is unknown but it is somewhere in the Northern Turkey or Armenia area.

.6-12 Noah sends birds out to test the land. When the dove returns with an olive branch (a sign of peace) Noah knows that there is land and that plants have started to grow once more.

.13-19 Noah and his family and all the living creatures in the ark are set free to resume life on the dry land.

.20 Noah’s first act after being restored to the land is to build a place of worship and to make a sacrificial offering to the Lord. Worship is always our first privilege and duty.

.21 Noah’s worship was pleasing to the Lord. God determines to never again curse the ground or destroy the wildlife, because He says, “the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth.” Humanity can’t seem to help themselves.

.22 God promises that the growing seasons will endure as long as the earth itself endures.

9.1-7 This continues the recreation imagery. As he did with Adam and Eve, he blesses Noah and his family and tells them to be fruitful and multiply. He gives them dominion over all the animals, and declares them good to eat, except for carrion and animal blood.

.8-11 God makes the promise he made to himself in verse 8.21 known to Noah and his sons

.12-17 God gives a sign to affirm the covenant he has made—a rainbow. And he says that the sign will remind him to be compassionate, and it will remind the people of God’s promise.

Sunday’s Prize Question:
Noah sent two sorts of birds out from the ark in search of dry land. What sorts of birds were they?

Discussion Questions:
1. What things most powerfully remind you that God loves you?
2. What is one thing you could do today to show God that you are grateful for his love?

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