May 6, 2010

The Kajire Water Project Needs Your Help

Can you imagine living in a place with no sink and no water faucet? Worse yet, can you imagine having to walk several miles and carry your day's water back to your home on your shoulders? for us this is a bad dream. For the people of Kajire, where our friend Ferdinand Mbwangi grew up, it is a daily reality.

Kajire is a poor rural village. There are two elemetary schools and one secondary school. A small dispensary is there for medical needs. Kajire is near a national wildlife preserve and it is not uncommon to see elephant, antelope, and even cheetah wandering nearby. There is a significant Christian presence in the village with about 6 Christian denominations represented.

Recently, great progress has been made in preparing for the water well. As many of you may know, The Reverend Ferdinand Mbwangi, the Kenyan priest who spent a couple years with us, while attending seminary here in the US, has been working to get water to his home village for a number of years. Our parish has committed to helping financially and in whatever other way possible.

Recently, a drilling company has been identified that is both trustworthy and substantially lower priced than some other alternatives. This brings the drilling project much closer to completion than we had thought. In fact, it looks like we are within about $2000. of being able to go ahead with it. Would you consider a special contribution in order to get water to this village?

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