May 25, 2010

Reaching Out, What Would It Look Like, Take 2

The people of the Kajire village in Kenya (the home village of Rev. Ferdinand M'bwangi, a past Trinity Church seminarian) are walking miles through the African desert in the wee hours of the morning to collect a couple of gallons of water for their use every day. They do not have clean, drinkable, potable, water... which is real concern and has life and death consequences as a result.

The people of Trinity Church, our family, and friends have been able to raise almost enough money to be able to have a borehole well drilled in the center of the village. This borehole well will provide the villagers with clean, drinkable, potable water. Water is life in this region of the world and what we are bringing to this village is just that... life... but life through our our Lord Jesus as we will ensure that the people of the village know that He is responsible for this well, that God is the source of all life and all things in heaven and on earth, and that only GOD has made this possible. Hopefully through this borehole well project, the people of the Kajire village will experience His awesome wonder and power. Hopefully, if they do not know GOD they will open their hearts to find His love.Thank you to all who have pledged money toward this project.

We have raised a total of $11,500 ($6,500 last week alone). We need an additional $3,500 in order to start the project. We are so close.... Please prayerfully consider supporting this project so that the people of the Kajire village, through our Lord Jesus, might be able to taste clean, drinkable water soon. If you have already pledged money toward this project, please make your check payable to Trinity Church and reference the Kajire Well Project. You may put your donation in the offering plate or deliver it to the church office. All donations need to be received by the church no later than Sunday, June 6, 2010.

For more information please see Father Scott or contact Geoff Taylor

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