January 26, 2009

Healing Prayer Teams at All Services

As a Christian Community we believe in the healing power of Jesus Christ and we take seriously the Lord's call to pray for one another. Trinity Church now schedules healing prayer teams for each of our services. Teams of two are available to pray with individual members of the congregation during Holy Communion. Simply speak to them during the service or walk back to the entrance hall and tell them that you would like prayers.

Trinity's New Website Now Online

Not much point in trying to describe it to you here. Check out the new site at the old address: trinitybeaver.org . I think you'll like the way we look.

Bylaws Amended at Annual Meeting

Trinity Church held their 155th annual meeting on Sunday, January 25. Sixty four people were in attendance. Lunch was provided and served by the ECW and Men's Club. Music before and after was performed by the SALTworship team (our Sat. contemporary worship group). New vestry members were elected: Stacey Jessel, Warren Pursley, Rachel Kennedy, Tim Martin and Jay Morgan.
The parish also reviewed and discussed bylaw changes that were unanimously approved and recommended by the vestry. The changes alter our bylaws by eliminating phrases requiring conformity to the constitutions and canons of the Episcopal Church and conforming to the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh (Anglican) solely. The measure was voted on and approved by a large majority. The Standing Committee of the diocese will review and likely approve the changes at their next scheduled meeting.