August 19, 2011

Going to Kajire with Living Water

An Appeal for Trinity Church’s Mission to Kajire

Dear Friends,
If you have been listening to my preaching over the last four years then you should have heard a consistent message about the Lord’s call on each of us to be disciples, and that being disciples is not about simply believing in Jesus in our heads. It is about living and acting in the ways that Jesus lived and acted. Disciples do not just know what the rabbi knows. Disciples do what the rabbi does. If we want to call ourselves Christians we must be disciples of rabbi Jesus. And that means we are called to do what Jesus does.

That brings me to the Kajire well project. Isn’t this water well we are attempting to build in Kenya about getting life-giving water to people who are thirsty? Isn’t it about getting water to people who do not currently have ready access to water? As a Christian community we heard Jesus speak to us about the suffering of his people in Kenya and we responded to his clear call by doing the sort of thing our Lord would do. We provided the funds required to relieve people’s suffering. But there is another form of suffering even worse than the thirst for water. It is the suffering that comes from not knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He came to us in order that we might know him. If we are really interested in these people’s lives and alleviating their suffering shouldn’t we be going to them to make sure that they hear and they know that Jesus has come for them? To save them? I believe that this Kajire well project is a perfect opportunity for us to begin a conversation with the local people about a God who loves them so much that he calls his servants from half way around the world to bring them water—not just well water but the living Water of Life.

A couple of us have been praying about this for quite awhile now and I believe that God is calling us to send representatives from Trinity Beaver to the Kajire village, as representatives of Christ’s church, to celebrate the well AND to bring the Gospel message to anyone there who will listen. I am ready to answer God’s call and go to Kajire. I wonder if you will help in three ways?

1)Pray for the trip and for those who go on it. Pray for our safety, that the message of God’s love and salvation would be spoken clearly and received by many.

2)Consider going to Kajire with me. The Lord may have a purpose for you there. Ask him, and if you believe you may be called to go, please contact me.

3)Provide financial backing for the trip. I cannot afford to finance this trip myself. The church's annual budget is tight. Would you make a one-time gift to provide the money required for airfare, housing and meals for the mission?

Prayer, team members and the money to fund the trip are all vital to the success of this mission. Would you prayerfully consider joining in and helping? Blessings to you. I am thankful for your partnership in this ministry,