December 31, 2015

Thank You Lord for All Your Blessings in 2016

The Lord has showered blessings of abundance, peace, joy, hope, meaning and purpose, confidence, assurance, and love on us once again this year.  "All good gifts and all perfect gifts come from above," we are told and that means that the blessings are too great to number but below are ten blessings I am particularly thankful for this year:

10 Thanksgivings for blessings of 2016

10. Thankful for all the friends the Lord has placed in my life.  Through them I know the meaning of love.

9.  Thankful for Gabriel and Luther my dogs who love me no matter what, and who teach me about unconditional love.

8. Thankful for our group home friends who have helped transform us into more caring and compassionate people.

7. Thankful for the kindness and generosity of so many here at Trinity Church:
Thankful for wardens, Kirk and David and their devotion to the Lord and to this church
Thankful for vestry and their hard work throughout the year
Thankful for the staff:  Patrick, Mickey and Manny who make this place run
Thankful for fellow clergy Glenn and Carl and their service to God and to us all
Thankful for all engaged in ministry who quietly go about the work of the church

6. Thankful the Lord granted me the privilege of serving as a priest in his Church

5. Thankful for the life of my dad who taught me so much and gave so freely to me

4. Thankful for Gwen and Scott my kids, and Laney, Ava, Tessa, and baby boy yet to be born my grandchildren.  They continue to bless Brenda and me with joy and encouragement.

3. Thankful for loving wife Brenda.  She is my rock, my best friend, the love of my life.  Without her I would be completely lost.

2. Thankful that the Lord spared my life.  I cried out to him in my hour of trouble and he answered me.

1. Thankful for my relationship with our Lord that assures me of his goodness and mercy.  Thankful that while I was still a sinner, Jesus came and gave his life for me.  Thankful that no matter what obstacles we face our God is able to see us safely and successfully through.

Thank you Lord Christ.