January 14, 2016

An Update from Archbishop Beach

Primates Meeting 2016 Update from Archbishop Beach

To the members of the Anglican Church in North America,
I am writing to you from Canterbury, England late on the night of January 14th, 2016.  Thank you for your prayers and support this week.  Although I’m tired at the end of a long day, I wanted to send you an update.
I participated fully in the meeting, where the first and primary agenda item was addressing the Episcopal Church’s changes to the doctrine of marriage.  We spent most of the week discussing this issue and seeking to come to a common conclusion.
We unanimously agreed that these changes “represent a fundamental departure from the faith and teaching held by the majority of our Provinces on the doctrine of marriage,” and we wrestled with what the consequences should be.
The GAFCON and Global South Primates were tremendous in their leadership in the meeting, and made a strong impact in the final decision.  I confess that I have mixed feelings about the sanctions.
The sanctions are strong, but they are not strong enough, and to my deep disappointment, they didn’t include the Anglican Church of Canada as they should.
With that said, it took many steps for the Anglican Communion to come to this current crisis. This is a good step back in the right direction, but it will take many more if the Communion is to be restored.
Thank you again for your incredible prayer support, and let us stay on our mission – to reach North America with the transforming love of Jesus Christ!
Your brother in Christ,

The Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach
Archbishop and Primate 
Anglican Church in North America

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Project Samizdat said...

Archbishop Beach is a very impressive leader. What he is dealing with seems to be very complex in that liberal thinkers claim to be relativistic but actually can be as fundamentalist as any of us - in our human nature we all want to hold to what we believe and struggle to take account of other views without pathologizing the other side: